Group Reformer Classes (50mins - 8 per class)

Reformer Pilates classes are unique and highly rewarding! Specific and individual modifications cater for your ability and ensure you get the most from every class. Book your first session today and start your journey to better movement and a more conditioned body. 

Class Levels

Foundation Class (F)

Basics done better. Suitable for beginners to reformer Pilates as well as those who would like to build on their technique. This class will work at a slower, more controlled pace where you will receive clear instruction and guidance. You will leave feeling energised, stretched and worked. Suitable for pre & post-natal clients.

Open Reformer (O)

A moderate flow class designed to build on from what has been learnt in the Foundation Class. A full body workout to lengthen, balance and tone your body.

Dynamic Reformer (D)

Pilates practice with lots of fluidity and flow. Designed to give you a feeling of strength and freedom. Expect to work hard as you move through a challenging and fun sequence of exercises. Suitable for those who have attended at least six Open Classes Pilates classes or please check with your instructor if you are unsure if this class is right for you.

Group Reformer
Pilates Class

Casual Rate $26
5 Class Pass-  $110 (exp. 1mth) 
10 Class Pass- $200 (exp. 3mths)
20 Class Pass- $360 (exp. 6mths)

Choose the class that suits you: Monday - Saturday

Max 8 per class
50 min Class

Cancellations- 12 hrs notice required.


Studio Equipment Pilates Classes

Studio Equipment Classes refer to the Private, Duet, Small Group and Mums & Bubs Classes where each person is given an individual Pilates experience.

Studio Equipment Classes are beneficial for those requiring rehabilitation but classes can also be strong, sport focused, dynamic, mindful and so much more. Studio Pilates classes use a variety of Pilates apparatus and props to meet the individual’s needs.

If you are injured, pregnant, need rehabilitation or are looking for an individually tailored Pilates program please contact Cherie and she will assist you to find the right Pilates class for you.

All Studio Equipment Classes have a 24 hour Cancellation Policy

1:1 Private Studio Equipment Pilates Class


Looking for some one-on-one time? Your session is designed to give you our undivided attention to ensure your pain and movement is meticulously addressed. Prior to participating in a class you will attend an initial consultation to ensure that an exercise program is tailored to your specific needs. 

Class utilises a range of professional Pilates studio apparatus such as the Wunda Chair, Reformer and Cadillac.

50 min Class

Small Group
Studio Equipment Pilates Class

Get Started with a 5 Class Pack $45 per/session

Perfect for those who would prefer a class tailored to meet your personal goals. Enjoy personalised attention giving you the peace of mind to know that you are performing the exercises correctly.

Class utilises a range of professional Pilates studio apparatus such as the Wunda Chair, Reformer and Cadillac.

1-4 people per class.

Mums &
Bubs Studio Equipment Pilates Class

A class where mums can bring along their young one. Enjoy the social outing and regain strength and tone. Classes are designed to be challenging yet safe, whatever stage you are within your post-partum period.

Reformer pilates schedule


For more information about classes and how to prepare before your class, see our Frequently Asked Questions.