Benefits of Reformer Pilates

Lengthens and strengthens muscles

Springs help to lengthen and strengthen muscles, rather than building bulk. The springs are useful to provide assistance in some exercises, and added resistance challenge in others, making it an invaluable tool. The exercises focus on the deep muscles of the abdomen and spine, yet also strengthen and tone the arms, buttocks and legs – creating long, lean muscles without building bulk


Pain Relief

Reformer pilates aids in alleviating back pain and promoting spinal health. It's not only a great way to prevent or rehabilitate from injuries, but is a fantastic way to shape your body. Pilates compliments other types of exercise and sports, and helps you achieve a well-balanced, healthy body.

Improved Movement

Reformer pilates improves posture, strength and flexibility. Stability, balance and coordination are also greatly enhanced. Fluid movements coupled with breathing methods are designed to reduce stress and tension, leaving you feeling relaxed and alert.